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The Dempseys
The Dempseys

Jim & Linda Dempsey have worked together in ministry for over 20 years and through the Lord's calling have committed themselves to training Native Christians to be leaders in their churches and communities. Before their entrance into the Indian churches, they served churches in Humble and Alvin, Texas, and pastored in Pearsall, Texas from 1982-86.

In 1986 they joined the staff of American Indian College. After two years they received appointment with the Assemblies of God Division of Home Missions. In 1989, John joined the family. He was born in San Antonio during his parents' furlough and is a native Texan, but he has already lived in three states in his young life.

Since their arrival at AIC, Jim and Linda have served in a variety of ways. Jim's duties there have included teaching assignments in pastoral ministry, missions, cultural studies, and other fields. He has been advisor to the school's Campus Missions Fellowship, which promotes missions and intercessory prayer on the campus. He has served as Chairman of the Ministerial Studies Department and of the Faculty Senate. Most recently, in 2001 Jim became Dean of Students.

Linda has had numerous responsibilities at AIC as well. She has been the advisor for the AIC yearbook, served on the library staff, and was the internal accountant in the college business office.

Native American Fellowship
The Dempseys have been active in the ministry of the Native American Fellowship of the Assemblies of God (NAF). Native leaders across the country have organized to strengthen the ministries of their churches, and to reach out more effectively to the millions of Indian people in the US.

Jim was the first director of the World Missions Department of the NAF. For three years he has worked to increase awareness and participation of Native churches in world missions, as well as being part of the general leadership of the fellowship.

Linda and Jim have served as worship leaders at the Convocation of Christian Indian Leaders and other Indian churches and camp meetings whenever possible. In addition to serving the local congregations, the contact with churches in the field has proved essential for effective classroom teaching.

Worship Church Ministry
The family has also been in ministry at All Tribes Assembly of God in Phoenix. Linda worked with others in the church to develop and maintain the "Lollipop Kids" ministry to children from eighteen months to three years of age. Jim has shared teaching responsibilities and occasionally preaches as well.

Linda has served the church as choir director and Minister of Worship. Along with Jim, she has led the congregation in worship and has also taught others in this area as well. God has blessed this ministry with a wealth of original songs. Some of these are being shared with other churches through two recording projects and books.

Ministerial/Missionary Credentials
Jim was ordained by the General Council of the Assemblies of God in 1984. Both Jim and Linda have held appointment with the Division of Home Missions since 1989. Financial support for their ministry may be sent to account #2144681.

About American Indian College of the Assemblies of God
AIC provides a small college atmosphere and a caring faculty and staff for its students. Typically, 75% of AIC students are American Indian. During most years, over 30 years are represented, including Navajo, Apache, Pima, Tohono O'odham, Aleut, Lakota, Cherokee, Palute, and others.

Alongside the curriculum, many spiritual opportunities are offered, including regular chapel services and weekend ministry. The Word of God is the heart, spirit, and final authority in all courses taught and programs administered in the college. For more information, call 1-800-933-3828, or visit American Indian College Online.

A/G Native American Ministry
In 1890, when the first census of the Indians was taken, the population of those Native Americans numbered 248,000. Today, the Indian population is estimated at more than 3.5 million with federally recognized tribes numbering over 500.

During the first half of the 20th Century, most Indians remained on reservations. Since World War II, much of the Native population has migrated to the cities, with half or more of all American Indians residing in urban areas.

Less than 6% of the Indian population are identified as Christian by biblical definition. However, this is God's time for the Indian nations to come to know Him. As Native churches and leaders share their message of reconciliation with God, the Holy Spirit is blowing across Indian Country, healing and restoring. It is the desire of the Dempsey family to serve God and the Indian people by being a part of this move of the Spirit, however He directs.

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